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Our mission is to help as many small businesses succeed as possible!

This can be done through training, mentor-ship, coaching, or many of our other services.

We believe training business owners is key because it allows them to succeed on their own while not being tied down with a contract of services.

To be a successful business owner it is necessary to have developed a great business and marketing plan. It is a must to understand your audience and know how to reach them. It is also very important to understand branding and how to leverage it.

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James Pavelka
I have a passion to help small businesses develop and succeed so they can be financially independent, allowing them to live the lives they deserve.
I understand how hard it is for a small business to succeed and all the hard work necessary to build a great everlasting business that can be passed on generation after generation.
Rather than sell you a product, I’d rather teach you how to do it. Many small businesses just need to be noticed and are not sure how.
Do you have a great website? How are you attracting people to your website? How do you get your website to the top of the list? Most small businesses probable believe in word of mouth. Social media is now the word of mouth.
The reason I love helping small businesses is because I to have experienced the same struggles. I have operated many small businesses, obtained a BA in Business Economics, MBA in Supply Chain Management graduating with high honors. I continued with marketing training and further understood its power and relevance. Now I want to pass on my knowledge to you, so you can be more successful.
Recent Work: The Lindsey Eberhard Lending Team

Do you have a retail store, landscaping business, or book store? We can help just about any business model.

I believe getting to know you and your business is of most importance. Having an understanding of what you do and why you do it is key, because it allows us to create a market niche for your business that no one else has. It is almost impossible to compete with large businesses while in the small stages of your business cycle. Large scale marketing is not feasible for a small business because of the cost associated.

  • Basic website can cost $2000 and up.
  • Add SEO, blog site, site links, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, the cost are endless.

We show you and your organization how to do this at a level that every small business can afford. Large marketing firms and big businesses do not want you to know how this is done.

  • Do you know how to market through social media reaching thousands for free?
  • What is site mapping and why is it important?
  • Do you know what keywords people are searching on the internet and how to implement them into your website properly?
  • You know you have a great product and have great services so why are people not buying from you?
  • Why is branding so important and how do you leverage it?
  • Why you must have a written business and marketing plan, and the importance of setting goals to stay on track.
  • Is your business where you were hoping it would be?

Maybe it’s time to get your business fix at MY BUSINESS FIX