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Why consistency is so important for marketing

Without consistency your pipeline flow diminishes and your conversions are gone. Your business relies on a steady flow of income to support your day to day expenses, payroll, subscriptions, etc. How does this happen?

Many Business Owners Are Failing

I see many business owners failing to be consistent when it comes to marketing. This includes blogging, posting to website, or social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and so on. When you are not consistent, you are not attracting people to whatever action you are trying to generate. You want a steady flow of potential clients to be directed to your site. Its important for a call of action and for purchases for your products or services.

To keep the steady flow of conversions you have to have a even more steady flow of content for your viewers. This content is what drives traffic through your sale funnel to the point of conversion. Many businesses provide content or post at random times and have never created a schedule. A schedule is important for the right days of the week and how much content. Its more important at the right time of the day because you generate more engagement.

First you need to research what day and what time of day is best for engaging with people for every particular social media platform. How do you do this? Real easy click
The research is done for you, but keep in mind these are averages and are not going to be precise for you local area. They are generally close but if your business has a lot of competition you may want to tune it in a little more.

Very Important
Now you must create a schedule based on the best time to post to social media. This includes the days of the week, and the best time of day. It is also based on what your trying to accomplish, when and the content you are delivering (print, video, pod cast, etc.). The Final and hardest but easiest step – Stick to the schedule.

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